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Hoopee Kinfolks






1784 TO 1865









William Beasley

Arthur and Patience Pearce Braswell

Asa Gordon and Jane Ellen Bridges Braswell

John Arthur and Elmina Smith Braswell

Asa Gordon and Savannah Woods Braswell

Blake and Pearcy Peacock Bridges

Jeremiah Wesley and Ida Sikes Brinson

Jeremiah Wesley and Elizabeth Lovett Brinson

Barnabus and Sarah Flanders

Francis Richard and Nancy Jordan Flanders

John R. and Nancy Sumner Flanders

James and Sarah Swain Fortner

Swain M. and Sophia Powell Fortner

Daniel Green, Sr.

Daniel and Mahala Hall Green, Jr.

Nathan and Susan Parrott Garnto

Amos Daniel and Martha Mimbs Garnto

George Littleton and Ellie Spence Garnto

Jeneper Hall, Sr.

Jeneper, Jr. and Malinda Ross Hall

Willis and Delitha Meeks Johnson

Malachi and Rachel Gardner Joiner

Rev. Warren and Nancy Polly Beasley Key

Spencer and Elizabeth Flanders Key

Abraham Lamb

Isaac Lamb

Matthew Lamb

David J. and Mariam Borah Lamb

Ervin and Jane Brooks Lovett

Richard Terrell and Elizabeth Mixon Lovett

Allen and Susannah Tyson Meeks

Benjamin Mimbs, Sr.

John and Katherine Mimbs

John L. and Katherine Flanders Mimbs

William Wesley and Mary Ann Pollock Mixon

John Pollock and Martha Rowland Mixon

John Peacock, Sr.

Sampson and Patience Norris Powell, Sr.

Silas and Litha Webb Powell

Nathan Rowland

Williamson Rowland, Sr.

Joseph and Elizabeth Smith Rowland

John R. and Susannah Johnson Rowland

Joseph Henry and Nancy Jane Snell Rowland

James Roy and Jerradine Brinson Rowland, Sr.

Joseph Wesley and Helen Garnto Rowland, Sr.

Colesby and Anna Henry Smith

Micajah and Rebecca Duty Smith

Joseph Duty and Elmina Joiner Smith

William D. and Nancy Stewart Smith

Christopher Snell

George W.W. and Margaret Snell

James C. and Martha M. Green Snell

Leaston D. and Sarah Fortner Spence

John and Mary Stewart

Joseph and Mary Kight Sumner, Sr.

Stephen and Margaret Swain, Jr.

Henry and Claudie Braswell Thompson

Dale and Jane Scott Thompson

Scott and Mary Beth Thompson

Archibald and Permina Rollins Woods, Sr.

Archibald and Nancy Key Woods, Jr.





As clear as any great white wine having

Missed the red clay,

From a spring in Washington County

It started its wandering way,

Passing Mason's Bridge where we'd climb

Out on a sweetgum limb,

Plunging eagerly into its dark cool depths searching

For the bottom before our lungs would burst.

No bottom at Mason's Bridge

Or so the old timer said.

On she flowed through sandy loam

Seeking the sea her final home;

On past a bend with golden sand,

Yellowlanding was molded by the Almighty's hand.

It was here I learned to swim and where small caves

Formed in the banks and Pig Moore excelled.

Into the caves he'd swim and hands

Along logs and roots would pass.

Pig was a little different -- what we'd call a hand

Fisherman down South.

When he'd surface, you could see his catch

In both hands and in his mouth.

Route 80 bridge spanned the river and swamp,

And there was James' well,

An artestian flow so sweet and soft.

One sip and you were under its spell.

Timberlanding where the Baptists came

To wash their sins away,

A super swimming hole where in the eighteen hundreds

Logs would find their way

To be floated when the river was high

To mills down by the sea.

Older boys made sport of us and made

Us fear Blue Hole.

A scary place both dark and deep with

Tales of depths untold.

Oh, O'Hoopee! O'Hoopee, O'Hoopee of my youth,

Roll on you clear proud stream,

Your beauty has so entranced me,

You're still my boyhood dream.


Paul Kea, June, 1977






ALLEN, DAVID - Born ca. 1805, mechanic, m. on April 8, 1829 to Carolina Duty Smith, born ca. 1815, dau. of Micajah and Elizabeth Duty Smith; Children: Elizabeth W. (b. ca. 183 ; Sarah (b. ca. 1845); Mary A., Abel. 1850 Washington # 738, 1830 Washington p. 240.

ALLEN, JAMES L. - Born 1833/4 in Georgia, married Sarah ______, born 1835/6 in Georgia; Children: Sarah P., Theopolis, James J., and Benjamin F.. 1860 Johnson # 19.

ANDERSON, J.L. - Born 1835/6 in Georgia, married ca. 1856 to Julia A. ______, born 1838/9 in Georgia; Children: Martha E., et al. 1860 Johnson # 164.

ANDERSON, JAMES - Born 1816/7 in Georgia, son of Uriah and Winney Anderson, Member of Co. C, 2nd Ga. Inf., C.S.A., married Eady Rountree, born 1819/20 in Georgia, daughter of Joshua and Zilpha Durden Rountree, died ca. August 29, 1860, married second to Martha Jane Steptoe, daughter of John R. and Rebecca Steptoe, both buried in Oaky Grove Cemetery; Children: Manning (m. Elizabeth _____), Joseph, Zelphy, John, Eady, Malindy, Winney, Lucinda, Roxey A., James, Brasey ?; by second wife, Amanda. (m. James Marion Tapley, Jr.) 1850 Emanuel # 229, 1860 Johnson, # 88, Cemetery, p. 228, Tapley, pp. 54, 60, 79.

ANDERSON, JOEL - Born May 17, 1824 in Georgia, died June 18, 1896, married on July 24, 1842 to Debby (Deborah) Powell, born Aug. 27, 1823 in Emanuel Co., daughter of Sampson and Litisha Barfield Powell, died May 17, 1908, both buried in Oaky Grove Cemetery; Children: Nancy Lee, (m. John Morgan Claxton), Uriah, Tishy, Susan, Aden. 1850 Emanuel # 228, Claxton, p. 129, Cemetery p. 228, Emanuel Marriages, A-7, 1860 Johnson # 439.

ANDERSON, MANNING - Born 1837/8 in Georgia, son of James and Eady Anderson, married Elizabeth ________, born 1840/41, Children: Ella, Dr. Manning (m. Mozelle Claxton)..., 1860 Johnson 101, Tapley, p. 79.

ANDERSON, URIAH - Born before 1775, married Winnie _______, born ca. 1799 in South Carolina, 1798 Montgomery Landowner, Unfortunate Drawer, 1805 Land Lottery, Land Lottery Winner, 1807, Land Owner Mont. Co. 1805/06/11/12, first granted land in Montgomery Co., 1801, children: Joel, James, Eliza, Nancy, Lawson, Elizabeth, and Uriah. 1820 Emanuel p. 94Mayo, p. 1, Montgomery, pp. 44, 56, 64, 74, Grants, p. 10.

ANDERSON, URIAH (RICE) - Born 1839/40 in Georgia, son of Uriah and Winney Anderson, Private Co. F, 48th Ga. Inf., C.S.A., killed at Gettysburg, Pa., July 2, 1863, married on March 9, 1859 to Charlotte Davis, daughter of Lewis Davis and Piercey Powell, died June 9, 1921; Children: Martha (m. George N. Ivey), Charlotte D. Anderson married second to John W. Mayo, ca. 1865; Children: George Washington (m. Theodosia Melvira), Jennie (m. Nathan Snider), Molly Etta (m. Frank E. Pound), Nona Belle (m. M.F. Hatcher), Trudie (m. F.P. Todd). 1860 Johnson # 254, 1850 Emanuel # 199, Mayo, pp. 1, 4, Emanuel Marriages B-47.

ANDREWS, SUSAN - Born 1800/10. 1830 Emanuel 56th, p. 169.

ARLINE, JAMES - Born on Oct. 18, 1798, son of John Arline and Phereby Pullen, m. on April 1, 1822 in Emanuel County to Elizabeth Ricks, daughter of Richard Ricks and Elizabeth Herring, born Jan. 25, 1802 in Emanuel Co, died on Sept. 20, 1879 in Mitchell Co., lived in Washington or Johnson County until about 1838; Children: John Wesley (b. Aug. 23, 1823, m. Martha Arline on Oct. 15, 1849); Martha Jane (b. Jan. 16, 1825, d. Nov. 15, 1837); James Thomas Pullen (b. Jun. 12, 1827, d, 1907, m. Abigail Herrington on June 20, 1849, Miss Wiker, and Annie E. Davis on Nov. 21, 187 ; Mary Elizabeth (b. June 27, 1829, d. Jan. 15, 1920, m. James William Jackson on March 25, 1845); Elizabeth An (b. Jan. 8, 1833, d. March 29, 1924, m. Charles Culpepper O'Neal on March 6, 1850); Arthur Richard (b. Jan. 31, 1836, d. Dec. 29, 1861); Josephina Bowers (b. Jun. 27, 1839, d. July 5, 1909, m. Joshua Thomas Holt on Mar. 1, 1865); Daniel Henry (b. Aug. 28, 1841, d. Sept. 19, 1919, m. Sarah Elizabeth Mansfield, Missouri Virginia Wheeler Stephens on Jan. 21, 1879. 1830 Washington p. 267, Tompkins/Kea, p. 234.

ARLINE, JETHRO - Son of John and Phereby Pullen Arline, born October 15, 1804, first granted land in Laurens County in 1844, died in 1890, married on July 26, 1827 to Elizabeth Mason, born 1808/9; Children: Mary Sarah Jane E. (m. Joshua Hightower), Elizabeth (m. John Maddox), Winney, Thomas J., Martha, John M.. 1860 Johnson # 22, Laurens Mid 1800, p. 2, Laurens I, p. 287, Grants, p. 13, Headlight Centennial, p. F-2, Thomas/Kea p. 220, 1853 Laurens Tax Digest, 87th Dist.

ARLINE, JOHN - Born in Virginia, ca. 1765-70 in North Carolina, first granted land in Washington County near or on the Ohoopee River in 1792, purchased land on the Ohoopee River in western Johnson County near Highway 319, in 1797, died ca. 1812, Married Phereby Pullen, daughter of Thomas Pullen and Lydia Bowers, she married second to Joel Williams on Feb. 11, 1816; Children: Jethro (b. Oct. 15, 1804, d. in 1890, m. on July 26, 1827 to Elizabeth Mason), Mary (b. Dec. 5, 1806, died before 1823), Sarah (b. Oct. 29, 1802 in Washington Co., d. on Aug. 8, 1867 m. on June 14, 1821 to James Glass), Jesse (b. Jan. 22, 1797, d. Nov. 11, 1880, m. on Jan. 10, 1826 to Eliza Kitchens), James (b. Oct. 18, 1798 in Washington Co., d. Oct. 22, 1871 in Mitchell Co., m. on April 1, 1822 to Elizabeth Ricks), Elizabeth (b. March 10, 1811), Henry (b. Oct. 14, 1800, d. ca. 1865, m. on Nov. 8, 1822 to Elizabeth Ann Neil); Lazarus Pullen (b. Feb. 11, 1809), Martha (b. Dec. 5, 1806, d. 1819). Laurens Records, 1, p. 35,36,490, Laurens I, p. 287,288, Grants, p. 13, Headlight Centennial, p. F-2, Tompkins/Kea, p. 217-221.

BALDWIN, GEORGE - Landowner 56th Mont. Co. 1806, Land Lottery Winner, 1807. Montgomery, p. 56, 64.

BANKS, JOSEPH - Born 1810-1820. 1840 Washington 91st p. 215, 1850 Washington, # 5.

BARBER, AARON - 1797/8 Landowner, first granted land in Montgomery County in 1812, may have been granted land in Burke County in 1788, 1804 Jurymember 55th, Landowner 55th Mont. Co. 1805/06/11/12, Unfortunate Drawer 1805 Land Lottery, Land Lottery Winner, 1807. Montgomery, pp. 44, 49, 56, 64, 74, Grants, p. 28.

BARBER, MOSES - First granted land in Montgomery County in 1817, Landowner 55th Mont. Co. 1811/2. Montgomery, p. 74.

BARRON, JAMES - Born ca. 1816, married Georgia Ann, born ca. 1828. Children: Mary, et al. 1830 Washington p. 269, 1840 Washington 91st p. 215, 1850 Washington # 101.

BARRON, JOSEPH - 1804 Jurymember 55th, Landowner 55th Mont. Co. 1805/6. Montgomery, pp. 49, 64.

BARWICK, CURTIS MANNING - Born Apr. 9, 1823 in Darlington, South Carolina, son of Nathan B. and Elizabeth Whiddon Barwick, 1st Lieutenant, Capt. Moring's Co., Emanuel Troops, C.S.A., Physician, died Jan. 23, 1902, Montgomery County, Ga., buried in Barwick Cemetery, Norristown, married Mary Ann Kea, born Jan. 8, 1833, daughter of Burrell Kea and Elizabeth Tapley, died July 31, 1917, Soperton, Ga.; Children: Nathan (m. Missouri Phillips, Martha Carter), Elizabeth (m. John Malancton Thigpen), Mary Jane (m. Angus Alexander Gillis), Lott W. (m. Malinda Hutcheson), Amanda (m. Andrew M. Thigpen), James W., George Manning (m. Laura O. Johnson), Ira B., Sally Ann (m. George Mosley). Gillis, pp. 118-121, 1860 Emanuel # 63, 1850 Emanuel # 481, Tapley, p. 102, Barwick, p. 64, Key, p. 159.

BARWICK, LOTT - Born Apr. 6, 1813 in Darlington County, S.C., first granted land in 1846 in Emanuel County, died May 25, 1894, buried in Canoochee Church Cemetery, married 1st to Elizabeth Rountree on Jan. 29, 1835 in Laurens County, born 1815/6 in Georgia; Children: Nancy (m. _______ Cowart), Elizabeth (m. J.R. Williamson), George I. (b. Arpil 1, 1843, m. Jane Rountree), Missouri (m. C.L. Lawrence), Lee L. (b. 2/21/1848, m. Missori Overstreet, Ella Hill), Catherine (m. ____ Bishop), Lucian P.B. (m. Elizabeth Tapley), James M., Rountree (m. Mollie Woods), and Lott. Gillis, p. 116, 1850 Emanuel # 318, Tapley, p. 155, Laurens I, p. 291, Grants, p. 33, Barwick p. 59-62.

BARWICK, NATHAN B. SR. - Born on Aug. 3, 1782 in North Carolina, son of William B. and Elizabeth Phillips Barwick, died Apr. 5, 1868 in Emanuel Co., Land Lottery Winner, 1820, Chason's Dist., married June 21, 1810 in Darlington, South Carolina to Elizabeth Whiddon, daughter of William Whiddon and Mary Davis, born ca. 1790-2 in South Carolina, died ca. 1886-8; Children: Mary (m. Eleazar Durden), Lott (m. Elizabeth Rountree, Annie Clifton), Nathan (m. Jane Tapley), Phoebie (m. Ira F. McLemore), William Whiddon (m. Winny Odom, Martha ______), Elizbeth (m. William Durden), Curtis Manning (m. Mary Ann Kea), Susannah (m. Simeon Durden), Eliza Ann (m. Solomon Yeomans), Elcianne "Lucy", (m. Warren Ricks), 1860 Emanuel # 59, 1850 Emanuel # 481, 1840 Emanuel 53/2, 1830 Emanuel, 53rd, p. 171, 1820 Emanuel, p. 80, Gillis, pp. 113-6, Tapley, pp. 78, 153, 1820 Lottery, p. 21, Barwick p. 59-64.

BARWICK, NATHAN B., JR. - Born March 17, 1815, died July 7, 1859, buried in Barwick Cemetery, Norristown, married Jane Tapley, born 1821/2 in Georgia. Gillis, p. 116, 1860 Emanuel # 67, 1850 Emanuel # 341, Barwick, p. 62.

BARWICK, WILLIAM WHIDDON - Born 1806/7 in South Carolina, son of Nathan B. Barwick, Sr. and Elizabeth Whiddon; married on Sep. 17, 1840 to Winny Odom, Martha _______, born 1811/2 in Georgia; his children were: William J., Sarah M., Henry F., Elizabeth J.F., Elsey E.J., and Martha E.. 1860 Emanuel # 95, Emanuel Marriages A/2, Barwick p. 62.

BASS, WRIGHT - Born 1814/5 in Georgia, married Charlotte ______, born 1824/5 in Georgia; Children: Freeman, Charley. 1860 Johnson # 305.

BATEMAN, JASON - Born ca. 1800. 1830 Washington p. 265, 1840 Washington 89th, p. 221.

BEASLEY, ASA - Born 1835/6 in Georgia, son of Daniel Elijah and Rebecca Barnes, married on June 23, 1853 to Sarah Ann Riner, born 1831/2 in Georgia, daughter of John B. and Temperance Meeks Rhyner; Children: Berrian, Nancy E., Juliann F., John E., Amanda J. (m. Matthew Ely Tyson). 1860 Emanuel # 70, Emanuel Marriages, A/45. Riner, p. 2.

BEASLEY, DANIEL - Born 1824/5 in Georgia, son of Daniel Elijah and Rebecca Barnes Beasley, married Elizabeth _______, born 1832/3 in Georgia; Children: Rebecca (b. ca. 1854), Martha (b. ca. 1857). 1860 Emanuel # 107

BEASLEY, DANIEL ELIJAH - Born February 19, 1796 in South Carolina, 1827 Land Lottery winner, 1832 Land Lottery Winner, first granted land in Emanuel County in 1848, son of William Beasley and Rachel Robinette Beasley, married Rebecca Barnes, born May 29, 1802, possibly daughter of James Barnes. Children: Elbert Burton (b. ca. 1820, m. Martha Meeks), William (b. ca. 1825, m. Elizabeth Riner), Daniel (b. ca. 1826, m. Elizabeth _______), Milly (b. after 1850, m. Josiah Hutcheson), Elizabeth (b. ca. 1831), Rebecca (b. ca. 1834, m. Amos J. Riner), Fairby (Pherriba) (b. ca. 1837), Catherine (b. ca. 1838, m. William J. Grant, William Hall), John Thomas (b. ca. 1840, Pvt. Co. G, 32nd Ga. Inf. m. Mary Ann D. Hutcheson), Delila (b. ca. 1847, m. Charlton Thigpen), Susan (b. after 1850), Asa (m. Sarah Ann Rhiner). 1860 Emanuel # 107, 1850 Emanuel # 525, 1840 Emanuel 53/24, 1830 Emanuel, 53rd, p. 171, 1820 Emanuel p. 86, Hutcheson, p. 250, Beasley, p. 9, 10, Tapley, p. 124, Grants, p. 36, 1827 Lottery, p. 23, 1832 Land Lottery, p 35, Emanuel Marriages B/81, Tompkins-Kea, p. 288.

BEASLEY, ELBERT BURTON - Born in Emanuel County in 1821, son of Elijah and Rebecca Barnes Beasley, married Martha Pheraba Meeks in 1841, she was a daughter of Allen and Susanna Tyson Meeks; Children: William Alvin, (b. ca. 1841, Pvt. Co. G., 32nd Ga. Inf., m. Kesiah Hutcheson), Elijah Samuel (b. ca. 1842, m. Elizabeth Price, Juley Claxton, Martha Ida Price), Susanna (b. ca. 1843), Barnabus (b. ca. 1844, m. Jane Price), Roxey E. (b. ca. 1846, m. Joseph Wesley Hutcheson), Mary (b. 1850), Saranne R. (b. ca. 1855, m. James L. Tapley). 1860 Emanuel # 108, 1850 Emanuel # 346, Hutcheson p. 249, Tapley pp. 55, 136, Emanuel Marriages A/1, B/203, B/81.

BEASLEY, ELIJAH SAMUEL - Born 1842/3, son of Elbert Burton and Martha P. Meeks, Private Co. G., 32nd Ga. Inf., C.S.A., married Elizabeth Price, born Dec. 27, 1849, daughter of Loyd and Louisa Kight Price, died Apr. 22, 1887, both are buried in Oaky Grove Cemetery, married 2nd to Juley Claxton, born July 16, 1860, daughter of William and Zilpha Claxton, died July 18, 1899, buried in Oaky Grove Cemetery, married 3rd to Martha Ida Price, born 1874, daughter of John and Florence Claxton Price, died 1962, buried in Oaky Grove Cemetery. Cemetery, pp. 227, 228, 1870 Johnson # 414?, Conf. Roster III, p. 723.

BEASLEY, ELIZABETH - Born 1780/90. 1840 Emanuel 55/40.

BEASLEY, JAMES - Born Nov. 17, 1789, possibly a son of William Beasley, moved to this area after 1821, Land Lottery Winner, 1832, (395th Dist.) first granted land in Emanuel County in 1846, died Dec. 6, 1858, buried in James Beasley Cemetery, married Mary _______, married 2nd, Lucinda _______, born 1805/6: Children: Redding (b. 8/10/1823, d. 6/11/1901, m. Mary Smith, m. 2nd Mary Hart), John (b. 1/15/ 1821, d. 3/26/1864, m. Jane Vick), Reuben (m. on 5/10/1846 to Mary Smith), Wright M. (m. on 4/19/1846 to Jane Johnson), James (m. Jane Sumner?). 1850 Emanuel # 540, 1840 Emanuel 395/18, 1830 Emanuel 395th, p. 170, Cemetery p. 18, Burch III, p 7, Laurens I, p. 293, Grants, p. 36, 1832 Lottery, p. 35, 1880 Johnson 1266th # 294?.

BEASLEY, JOHN - Born in South Carolina on Jan. 15, 1821, son of James and Mary Beasley, died on March 26, 1864, buried in Beasley Cemetery, Laurens Co., lived in the area north of Pleasant Springs Church on the Old Savannah Road, may have been a member of Co. G, 32nd Ga. Inf., married Jane Vick, born ca. 1816, possibly a daughter of John or Simon Vick; Children: James M. (b. ca. 1845); Jane (b. ca. 1847); Huldah (b. ca. 184 ; Redding (b. ca. 1851); Nancy B. (b. ca. 1853); John (b. ca. 1855); Martha M. (b. ca. 1859), Mary (b. ca. 1862). 1860 Laurens # 70, Some Mid 1800 People, p. 4, 1870 Laurens # 1291, Conf. Roster III, p. 723, 1853 Laurens Tax Digest, 52nd Dist.

BEASLEY, REDDING - Born Aug. 10, 1823 in South Carolina, son of James Beasley, first granted land in Emanuel County in 1846, died June 11, 1901, buried in Poplar Springs Cemetery, married 1st Mary Smith, born Nov. 5, 1827, daughter of William D. and Nancy Stewart Smith, died Dec. 20, 1852, buried in Smith-Lampp Cemetery. Children: Nancy Ann Elizabeth, Mary Ann (m. John Lee Thompson), and Ruth Jane, married second Mary Hart in Pulaski Co., born May 25, 1831, died Sept. 12, 1897, buried in Poplar Springs Cemetery; Children: Nancy Elizabeth (b. ca. 1846, m. Joseph Carter), Mary Catherine (b. 1849, d. 1935, m. John Lee Thompson), Jane (m. J.Bob Thompson), by second wife; Rachel H. (b. 5/24/1854, d. 9/9/1927, m. Wiley Kea), Addeline "Della" (b. ca. 1855, m. William A. Webb), James Redding (b. ca. 1857, m. Betsy Hutcheson), Juliann S. (b. 2/18/1860, d. 10/28/1912, m. John E. Webb), Georgia Arilla (b. 2/4/1863, d. 1943, m. James Lewis Hutcheson), Sophronia (m. Freeman Williams), John (m. Dora Sumner), Rutha (b. ca. 1850), Kitt/Liza (m. W. Hicks Thigpen), Maggie (m. Henry Hester, John Hester, and Robert Thompson). 1870 Johnson # 552 (Duden Beasley), 1860 Emanuel # 121, 1850 Emanuel # 538, Johnson Co. Will Book A, p. 12, Cemetery, p. 322, 323, 381, Grants, p. 36, Burch III, pp. 8-9, 1880 Johnson 1266th # 294 - 296.

BEASLEY, WILLIAM - Born ca. 1767 in North Carolina, son of James Beasley, Sr. and Polly Ann Pate, daughter of Travis and Annie Pate, Land Lottery Winner, 1832, died 1850-60, moved to southwestern Emanuel County between ca. 1818, married Rachel Robinette ? Children: James ?, Nancy (b. ca. 1791, d. after 1850, m. Warren Key), Elijah (b. ca. 1795, d. ca. 1857, m. Rebecca Barnes), Mary (b. ca. 1800, m. Allen J. Webb), William, Jr. (b. 1800-10, m. Elizabeth _____), possibly Right M. Beasley (b. ca. 1810). First four children born in South Carolina. Beasley, p. 7,8, Tapley, p. 66, 1820 Emanuel, p. 86, 1830 Emanuel, 53rd, p. 171, 1832 Lottery, p. 35, Burch III, pp. 5-6, Tompkins-Kea, p. 280.

BEASLEY, WILLIAM, JR. - Born 1800/10 in South Carolina, son William Beasley, Sr., 1832 Land Lottery Winner (395th Dist.), died ca. 1837, married Elizabeth ________________, Children: John, William, MaryAnn, and Fereby. Beasley, p. 11, 1830 Emanuel 395th, p. 170, 1832 Lottery, p. 35, Tompkins-Kea, p. 280.

BEASLEY, WILLIAM - Born ca. 1824, son of Elijah Beasley and Rebecca Barnes, died 1883, buried in Beasley-Skinner Cemetery, married on March 7, 1850 to Mary Elizabeth Rhiner, born Oct. 27, 1830, daughter of Edward Rhiner and Ritty Meeks, died Dec. 10, 1924, buried at Sardis Church; Children: Delila (b. ca. 1851, m. _____ Roundtree), Rebecca (b. ca. 1855, m. Joe Collins), Susan (b. ca. 1857, m. Andrew J. Webb), Martha (b. ca. 1860, m. James Lewis Henry), John "Dude" (b. 4/2/1863, d. 11-1-1951, m. Elizabeth F. Douglas), Rittie (m. Nathaniel Tobe Henry), Euna (m. James A. Woods), Annie (m. W. Duncan Wheeler, Ben Wilkerson). 1850 Emanuel # 525, 1860 Emanuel # 69, Tapley, p. 66, Emanuel Marriages A/30, Riner, pp. 6-9.

BEASLEY, WRIGHT M. - Born 1810/20 in Georgia, son of James Beasley or William , Land Lottery Winner, 1832, (56th Dist.), first granted land in Emanuel County in 1847, died ca. 1847, married on April 19, 1846 in Laurens County to Jane E. Johnson, born 1831/2; Children: Alexander, Mary Ann, Joseph, James, Elizabeth, John R., Wright M.. 1840 Emanuel 56/16, Beasley, p. 11, Laurens I, p. 293, Grants, p. 36, 1832 Lottery, p. 35, Tompkins-Kea, p. 290.

BEDGOOD, ELI - Born ca. 1825, son of _____ and Rhoda Bedgood, Pvt. Co. F, 14th Ga. Inf., Pvt. Co. H, 28th Ga. Inf. married Elizabeth Joiner, b. Feb. 10, 1819, dau. of Malachi Joiner and Rachel Gardner, d. Aug. 13, 1883, she is buried in the Bedgood/Boatright Cemetery, Laurens County; Children: William Thomas (b. May 2, 1845, Pvt. Co. H, 28th Ga. Inf., m. Mary Ann Boatright), John E. (b. ca. 1849); Henry (b. ca. 1851). 1850 Washington # 727, 1860 Laurens County, p. 577, # 6, Conf. Roster III, p. 408.

BENRTSON, GEORGE - Landowner 56th Mont. Co. 1811/2. Montgomery, p. 74.

BENTON, ADAM C. - Born 1821/2 in Georgia, 3rd Sgt., Co. H, 48th Ga. Infantry, died of disease on July 26, 1862; married Nancy Matilda Riner, daughter of William and Eliza Kea Riner), born 1835/6 in Georgia; Children: James B., Mary A., Sarah, Nancy, George A.and Jane. 1860 Johnson # 142, Riner, p. 53.

BIRD, CHARLES - Born ca. 1800 - 1810. 1840 Washington 91st, p. 215.

BIRD, HENRY - Born 1836/7 in Georgia, married Mandy ______, born 1841/2 in Georgia. 1860 Johnson # 96.

BISHOP, ELBERT - Landowner 55th Mont. Co. 1811/2. Montgomery, p. 74.

BISHOP, RUTH - Landowner 55th Mont. Co. 1811/2. Montgomery, p. 74.

BLACK, JAMES - Born 1804/5 in Georgia, married Piety (?), born May 8, 1803, in Georgia, she married 1st Stephen Derriso, she died in 1875 and is buried in Oaky Grove Cemetery, he may have been the son of Robert and Lovicy Black; Children: Ann, John, Quincilla, Serena, Bennett, and Daniel. 1840 Emanuel 55/23, 1850 Emanuel # 212, 1860 Johnson # 127, Cemetery, p. 235.

BLACK, ROBERT - Born 1774/5 in Georgia, son of William, Revolutionary War Soldier, and Jane Tumlin Black, married Lovicy Bruton, daughter of John and Jeannette Griffin Bruton, born ca. 1783 in Virginia. Children: ... Teresa (m. Elias Powell) 1850 Emanuel # 395, Tapley, p. 86, 91, Cemetery, p. 242.

BOATRIGHT, GEORGE - Born in North Carolina, ca. 1793, son of Samuel and Nancy Weathers Boatright. Married Sophia McLendon and Elizabeth Harden. Children (1) Rolly (2) James (m. Sara Hunt), Zilpha Ann (1810-1856, m. Jeptha Brantley), George E. (1815-1871, m. Elizabeth Sessions), 1830 Washington, p. 242, 1840 Washington 91st p. 213, Washington, p. 378.

BOATRIGHT, GEORGE JR. - Born ca. 1815 (1822), son of George Boatright, married Elizabeth Sessions, b. ca. 1825, Children: Benjamin, Mary, George F., James R., et al. 1850 Washington # 48.

BOATRIGHT, JAMES T. - Born ca. 1829, son of John and Jane Boatright, probably in South Carolina; Private, Co. C, 57th Ga. Inf., killed at Baker's Creek, Mississippi on May 16, 1863; married Rachel Joiner, dau. of Malachi and Rachel Gardner Joiner, born on March 25, 1824, died on Sept. 9, 1880, buried in Boatright/Bedgood Cemetery, Laurens Co.. Children: Charles T. (b. Feb. 15, 1850, m. M.E.A. _______, d. Dec. 24, 1926); Mary Ann (b. March 17, 1852, d. Nov. 26, 1917, m. on Feb. 17, 1871 to William Thomas Bidgood/Bedgood); James J. (b. ca. 1854, m. on Sept. 24, 1874 to Sarah Jackson); Cenean P. (b. May 13, 1856, d. Oct.21, 1917, m. Thomas Ivey Smith on July 25, 1880); William M. (b. ca. 1859, m. P.R. Rawls on Aug. 12, 1880); Francis Marion (b. ca. 1861). 1850 Washington, # 859, 1860 Laurens p. 596, line 120.

BOATRIGHT, JOHN - Born ca. 1786 in South Carolina, married Jane ______, born ca. 1799 in South Carolina; Children: James T. (b. 1829, d. 1862, married Rachel Joiner); Susan Ann (b. 1839); Zacha Ann (b. 1835). 1830 Washington p. 247, 1840 Washington 91st p. 214, 1850 Washington # 861.

BOZEMAN, LUKE - 1795 jury member, 1804 Jurymember, 56th, Landowner 56th Mont. Co. 1805/6, unfortunate drawer 1805 Land Lottery, Land Lottery Winner, 1807. Montgomery, pp. 44, 49, 56, 64.

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