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12:17 AM

The Intriguing saga of Thomas Nash Mutiany & Murder At High Seas!

First Let me give you some background.

Thomas Nash aka Jonathan or Nathan Robbins


See Congressional papers concerning Thomas Nash.


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“The Captured Slaves,” The Richmond Enquirer, 10 Sept. 1839.


To the Editors of the Compiler.

Gentlemen- The articles which you sent me from the Northern papers, in relation to the persons in custody for offenses alleged to have been committed on board a Spanish vessel, suggest several questions of a good deal of interest.

If these persons are charged with having committed on the high seas the crime of piracy, as defined by the law of nations, there is no doubt that they may be tried before a Circuit Court in the Unites States. If they had been found in this country, the trial would have been in the Circuit Court for that district in which they were found. Being brought into the U. States, the trial takes place before the Circuit Court for the district into which they were first brought.


Article 6 clause 2, The Untied States Vs Robins

 No production of papers, no entreaties availed them: they were compelled to submit. Had these men been enterprising, or an opportunity offered, and they had possessed themselves of their oppressors, and brought them into port: or had they, in the attempt to regain their freedom, been obliged to destroy them, while the world would have applauded the act, the judge must, from the decision, have delivered them to a similar demand; neither influence, fortune, or friends could have saved them. However superior in these, in political privileges they were only equal to the unknown and friendless Robbins. A consistent and inflexible magistrate must view them with the same impartial eye: he must give to them the same construction of the law or constitution; he could not vary them without the immediate loss of character. An enlightened people, therefore, will as attentively, nay, they ought more carefully to guard them in the person of a poor and unprotected than a rich or considerable man. The latter will always find powerful friends to support and protect his privileges; while the rights of the former may in silence and with impunity be unattended to merely because he is unknown, and has not an advocate to assert them. This would probably have been the case in the present instance, had not some gentlemen voluntarily offered themselves to examine and discuss its consequences. The public are obliged to them: it is an excellent example, I hope it will be followed upon every occasion, and that it will make us infinitely more vigilant of our rights than ever. We must never forget that in this country the poor and the rich, the humble and the influential, are entitled to equal privileges; that we ought to consider a violation of the rights of the most indigent and unprotected man, as an injury to the whole; while we have a pen to guide, or a voice to lift, they should constantly be exerted against the exercise of tyranny or oppression, by whatever nation committed or to whomsoever the violence may be done.







May it please your Honors,--

In preparing to address this honorable Court on the questions arising upon this record, in behalf of the humble Africans whom I represent,--contending, as they are, for freedom and for life, with two powerful governments arrayed against them,--it has been to me a source of high gratification, in this unequal contest, that those questions will be heard and decided by a tribunal, not only elevated far above the influence of Executive power and popular prejudice, but from its very constitution exempt from liability to those imputations to which a Court, less happily constituted, or composed only of members from one section of the Union, might, however unjustly, be exposed.

In a case like this, involving the destiny of thirty-six human beings, cast by Providence on our shores, under circumstances peculiarly fitted to excite the sympathies of all to whom their history has become accurately known, it is much to be regretted that attempts should have been made in the official paper of the Government, on the eve of the trial before this Court of dernier resort, to disturb the course of justice, not only by passionate appeals to local prejudices, and supposed sectional interests, but by fierce and groundless denunciation of the honorable Judge before whom the cause was originally tried, in the Court below: and, as if this were not enough, that two miserable articles from a Spanish newspaper, denouncing these helpless victims of piracy and fraud, as murderers, and monsters in human form, should have been transmitted by the minister of Spain to the Department of State, and published in

The Amistad Revolt


Read About Thomas Nash and the Amistad


Richmond Enguirer, 1839/09/13


John Marshal on Thomas Nash


Notes; extradited 1800 and hung by the British for mutiny and murder on the frigate Hermione. The slaves onboard the frigate where Spanish/Portuguese captured slaves.

Why he might be the forefather to our Old Thomas Nash!

Haplo Group

E3a verified through 4 direct male contributions of y-DNA, West African, Bantu Tribe. Stacy, I checked the Nash DNA today with all the other types of E3A.  All three Nash DNA are West African from the Bantu, possibly Angolan.

Ethnic & Cultural Associations



The earliest known progenitor of Louisiana Redbones to have come to the area was Thomas Nash, who was in the Mississippi Territory by at least 1781 when his son William was born on June 6 of that year.26 He was in a area of the Mississippi Territory, known today as the West Florida Parishes of Louisiana.

Jane Parker McManus, a descendent, states that "When Thomas Nash left North Carolina, he probably traveled down the famous Natchez Trace into the Mississippi Territory. It has been said that he came down the Trace with Tapley Dial, another early Louisiana progenitor."27 Nash was mentioned in the Natchez court records in 1788, but by 1815 he was in Natchitoches Parish.28

Cherokee-Son, Benjamin Ash/Nash signs & is compensated for Old Cherokee Settlers Treaty.

Grandchildren made application,1896 Cherokee Rolls.

Creek-Family Oral Tradition

Coushatta’s-Son, Benjamin Ashes gives approval for settler on Red River, Coushatta Village. See Also Burgess-Sweat-Nash Entry.

Alabama-Coushatta settlement (see transcriptions below)

Documented classification designation

Mulatto-Free Person of Color

1810  Thomas Ash, Opelousas Parish Census, Free Person of Color.

1820  Thomas Ash, Natchitoches Parish Census, Free Person of Color.

1826 Atascositia District of Texas, no race classification, 62 b. NC

1830  Natchitoches Parish Census, Free White

1840  Rapides Parish Census, Free Colored, conflicting birth year of 1762

1850  Natchitoches Parish Census schedule, Mulatto

Migrational Pattern

North Carolina Birth abt 1753 (census record 1850 at 97yrs of age)

Natchez District arrival by 1788 Spanish Held

Some children of said Thomas Nash claim a Georgia birth however most later documented birth places suggest Mississippi.

Possible Land Grant, Orangeburg South Carolina on the Savanah River, 1792.

Mississippi Territory- possible death of father Thomas Nash (1) abt 1800 see Thomas Nash-Slave Boat-Mutiany-Murder-Congressional Papers-Further Review-Amistade Act.

Mississippi Territory 1808 Jefferson County

Nuetral Zone or No Mans Land 1807, Rio Hondo Lands

Joseph Grubb of Thomas Nash on Bayou Kisatchi

1826 Atascosita District of Austins Colony, Mexico 1826 militia against insergents at Nacagdoches.


Transcription: Natchez District court records

Subjects: Thomas Nash/Ash

Book “B” page 54

page 112

Will Richard Carpenter, of Natchez, merchant, weak and body: the 800 acres lately granted to me by this government, about eight miles from the fort, to my son, James, and my will is that a house, 30ft. long by that 16ft wide, be built thereon for the reception of my wife and family as soon as it can be conveniently done.  To beloved wife Mary Carpenter, Negro man Boston”, Negro woman “ Anny”, and all the furniture of my house. To son James, girl  “kitty”; to my daughter Mary Flowers, Negro girl “ Rose”; two daughter Elizabeth Boardman, Negro named “Jack”. To wife, Mary carpenter, twelve cows and calves and my white horse. My wearing apparel to be sold and proceeds to fight it equally between my wife, son, my daughters and my son in law. My house and a lot at natchez lending to be sold, also tracked of 300 acres which I bought from John Lusk. And whereas there is remaining in my hands some articles of merchandise, the property of Mr. Brown, of a Rhode Island, and myself, my executors to get an exact knowledge there of the Mr. William Ferguson, who is acquainted there a and they be disposed of two best advantage to get my other estate for payment of all dates and funeral charges, (2) $500.00 to build house above described; and the residue to be divided equally between my wife, son James and three daughters, Elizabeth, Mary and Sarah.  Exrs; wife, Mary, daughter Mary flowers, sun and law Samuel flowers and son in law, Charles Boardman, with my friends, Mr. David Williams and Bernard Lintot. The above request that twelve cows and calves go to my wife, to be charged; for cows and calves two Y. and the remaining eight cows and calves to my youngest children, James and Sarah. Signed July 14, 1788 with witnessed: George Fitzgerald, Alexander Henderson, George Profit, William Voustan, Peter Walker, PierreBessandon, J. Henderson. July 24, 1788, notice of death of Richard carpenter at plantation of Samuel flowers to which he had been removedon night of July 22; Commandant, with Antonio Soler and Don Estevon Minor, repaired to the dwilling house  of the deceased in the town of Natchez and caused the the most important keys to be delivered to Commandant, five in number, (1) key to writing desk, (2) key to trunk (3) key to the stor, (4) key to another trunk (5) key to cellar; seal of commandant’s arms of fixed two said places and things for security, leaving said property in charge of Bernard Lintot,Antonio Soler, Alexander MOORE, Mary carpenter, David Williams, Carlos De Grande-Pre.// page 114. 28 July 1788 Samuel Flower appointed, ad in a room, and~wheel is read, your raider and Guardian of the miners of Richard carpenter, deceased, namely James and Sarah, just aged eight and the last eleven months lawfully issue of his marriage with Mary Fairchild is surviving wife, having also issued by his first marriage two daughters namely, Elizabeth, wife of Charles Boardman, dwelling in the Parish of Iberville, and Mary, wife of Samuel Flower, of this District, here present. August 07, 1788 estate of Richard Carpenter debts outstanding:

Samuel Gibson

Jacob Cobin (Coburn)

Ephraim Bates

Thomas Nash

Charles Cason

John Holland

Thomas Griffin

Stephen Mayes

Joseph Mills

Richard Gooding

David Tanner

Richard Lord

James White

William Owens

William Wicks

Jesse Hamilton

Clement Dyson

John Jones

James Simmons

David Mulkey

John Alexander

John Lum

Robert Kidd

Gabriel Swayze

William Thomas

Joseph Foster

Isaac Fife

Henry Richardson

John Allen

James Richardson

James Baker

Henry Lovick

Gabriel Griffin

Thomas Joyce

Robert Campbell

Elijah Phipps

James Truly

Philander Smith

Philetus Smith

William Gilbert

Thomas Dyson

Windsor Pipes

Robert Walker

Joseph Dunker

David Weitzman

John Patterson

L.. Chacheret

David Smith ( for note)

John Adams

Complete list of names can be found in the referenced record or online at www.rands.parrottfarms.com


Book “C” Natchez Court Records page 112

page 257. note: the following record does not mention Thomas.

Inventories of Asahel Lewis. Natchez, seventeen March, 1795. And presence of Don Estevan Minor and Ebenezer Rees, Don Manuel Gayoso de Lemos opened a cypress box which had a good lock and key, and found the following: Reciept from James Willwy for a negro belonging to Hugh McGary; note drawn by William Collins for an ox and a hog; receipt from Garret Rapalye senior to his son Garret Rapalye for $12; a sale of a negro from Jacob Nash; a receipt from Mary Carpenter; sale of a horse by William Collins; a draft by Archibald Robertson on Edward McCabe; account against James Rose, deceased, for $18; a bond drawn by Charles Profitt; a draft of Mrs Sybil Nash on the deceased; a memo of payment to “Emma” and her son Henry, not witnessed. Inventory also included some wearing apparel and the whole was delivered to Joseph Bernard, agent for the estate. //


Book “D” Natchez Court Records Page 143

page 66. 14 May 1789 Thomas Nash indebted to Don Juan Girault for $10.00, Robert Miller Security. Thom. (X) Nash, Robert Miller


Book “E” Natchez District Court Records Page 196

page 315. His creditors versus William Henderson. Peter Walker, an agent for the creditors of this district, and John O’Conner, as the greatest creditor of the late William Henderson, planter, represent that, having had certain infromation of the deceased of the above-mentioned William Henderson, we think it our duty to have an inventory of the estate made immediately, In order it may not be embezzled, of which we are very apprehensive. We ask to be authorized to take the above mentioned inventoried as agent and the greatest creditor. April 18, 1793. Signed: Peter Walker, John O.-Conner.// granted. Same date. The documents to be returned and attested by two witnesses to be present at the proceedings. Signed: Manuel Gayoso De Lemos.//in for two of the foregoing decree, the E., Peter walker and John oh-Conner at the applet welling house of the late in Henderson, a company to buy Mr. Joseph Bernardinand Mr. George Fitzgerald, as witnesses, and having applied to Dorothy, the widow, for a statement of the property left in her hands by her late husband when he left the country, she gave it in the following account: one tract of land situated on the bluff, about two leagues north of fort Panmure, containing 800 acres, with house and improvements, on which she and her family now dwell, the above tract mortgaged to Mr. James Carrick, merchant in N.O.; one tract of land on the Homochitto, 500 acres, on which there is a ferry; three tracks situated at the Big Black, one, on which there is a ferry, 250 acres; another 258 errors, and another 200 acres; for Negroes, horses, cattle, and hearts, and the following notes number as in the margin: Mordecai a Richards, William Robinson, Solomon Wheatley, William Acheson, Abraham Mayes, William Kelsey, Edmund Quirk, Samuel Head, William Owens, Samuel Murphy, Steven Minor, Steven Minors order: Nathaniel Tomlinson, a pair papers, etc., tools, household furniture, kitchen furniture and milk house utensils. Further, Mr. Burrel Stroud said that when William  Henderson died in Kentucky, he had in his possession several obligations and other effects, and that they remained in the hands of captain James Morrison, who is expected down very shortly. Above inventories certified by Peter walker, John O.-Conner, Joseph Bernard and George Fitzgerald. April 22, 1793// obligations in the hands of John O.-Conner where they were lodget by the late William Henderson before his departure from this country where they still remain. These were by Moses Armstrong, William Bassett, Christy Bolling, Samuel Heady, William Barnett, Daniel Bernet, Gibson Clark, George Cochran, Jacob Cobun, Lewis Charboneau, William Cheney, Thomas Evans, John Farquhar, John Ferguson, Benjamin Grubb, John Burnett, John Booth, George Beattie, Thomas Beans, Charles Carter, Waterman Crane, Silas Chambers, William Curtis, John Chambers, Isaac Fife, John Ford and Robert Miller, Samuel Gibson, James glasscock capitalize, Ezekiel Hoskinson, Margaret Harmon, Thomas Hubbard, Ralph Humphries, Nathaniel Ivey, Joseph Dove, Thomas Jordan, Joseph King, Justus King, William Kelsey, Thomas Kelly, James Lobtal, James Leyton, Richard Miller, John Montgomery, Roswell Mygatt, Thomas Nash, Frances Nailor, John Nailor, John Newton, John Ormsby, William Oglesby, William O. NS, Ebenezer Potter, Ruben Proctor, Jon Peters,

Full list of detailed names avaialble from Parrotsgrl@aol.com


Book “F” Page 276 Natchez Court Records

Page 300. William Lee versus Daniel Harrigal.  Sandy Creek District, William Cooper, justice of the peace before whom appeared Ms. Susana Lee who made oath that Daniel Harrigill told her that he helped Thomas Nash to kill two hogs the property of Alexander Farrar and one Moore, and that he helped Silas McBee catch a horse the property of David Williams, deceased, and the said horse ran about the pond where David butOdam now lives and that he piloted the said McBee out of the settlement to the other side of William Calvit’s with the said horse and negro man that stayed at said Hargill’s and that the said negro had hired himself from his master to trade for himself and the said negro had come from below and the said Williams had wrote a free pass for the negro.Susanna S. Lee July 21, 1794//personally appeared before William Cooper, Daniel Herrigill that Gave about four years ago William Lee came to his house and asked him to go bear hunting with him and they went to the plantation where Thomas Belleu ran away from. As they were going to the place, William Lee proposed to said Harrigill to steal a bar for a plow from said plantation but said Hargrill did not and they been returned back by the house where stood a spinning wheel, etc.. August 27, 1794.// Beesley Pruitt made of that William Lee offered to sell him a spinning wheel which he thought to be the property of Thomas Belleu: August 27, 1794 periods//August 29, appeared Mary Radcliffe and made oath that on Friday last Daniel Harrigill came to the house of John Radcliffe and carried off a rifle of the said Radcliffe.//John Radcliffe and Joseph Slater, who do, being sworn, said that Daniel Harrigill hollowed to the deponents  as they were working in said Radcliffe as field where they were working and Harrigill had the rifle which he had just taken out of Ratcliff’s house and was his property. 



Book “B” natchez court district and claims page 384

Page 209. Claims number 370. February 06, 1804.William Curtis to Thomas Nash for $100.00 , my claim in Jefferson county now in the actual possession of Thomas Nash, adjacent lands of John Hamberland, Robert Dunbar, and the donation right of Hugh Slater, all my right of donation and said tract. Signed William Curtis. Witnessed: John HamberlinWilliam McDuggle. Acknowledged before David Phelps, justice of the peace Jefferson county.//page 210. February 07, 1804 Thomas Nash for $600.00 paid to Joseph Bowlen, land as above, settled the last of the semper 1797 by William Curtis. Thomas (X) gnash. Witnessed Armstrong Alice, William Ferguson, acknowledged before Thomas Rodney, justice of the supreme court thirteenth at the weary 1804//file.  Claimant, Joseph Bullen, February 28, 1804. Witnessed: Abraham Mayes and John Griffin, March 10, 1806. Certificate be-88 issued February 03, 1807. Bullen claims a donation of 640 acres as above.

 Polk & Trinity Counties, Texas


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