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12:06 AM

Natchez Court Records-Thomas Ash/Nash

Phillip Goin mark and Thomas Nash mark the intitials TA not Thomas Nash, as he is named in the document. 

Thomas Nash
Joseph Grubb from Gibson Johnson 640 acres West side of Bayou Kisatchie gave witness Ethelred Smith and  Major Smith that said tract was occupied cultivated and inhabited since prior to 1819.  Claim was granted.  Kisatchie Bayou land claim and many other related claims listed at link below

West of Pearl River 

Maps West of Pearl River
Natchez Court Records 1781-1805 
Thomas Nash is listed as indebted to Richard Carpenter, a merchant of Natchez.
14 May 1789
Thomas Nash indedted to Don Juan Girault, 10.00 Robert Miller, as security. Signed Thos Nash, Robert Miller.
(others listed on the page is David Mulkey, dated 6 June 1789 mortages his estate, etc)
p315 His creditors versus William Henderson, Peter Walker, an agent for the creditor of the late Wm. Henderson, we think it our duty to have an inventory of the esstate made immediately, in order that it may not be embezzled, of which we are apprehensive.  We asked to be authorized to take the above mentioned inventor, as agent and greatest creditor 18 Apr 1793 signed: Peter Walker, John O'Connol// granted same date.  The document to be returned attested by two witnesses to be present at the proceedings. Signed Manuel Gayoso de Lemons// In virtue of the foregoing decree, we Peter Walker and John O'Connor attended at the dwelling house of the late Wm Hendersonaccompanied by Mr Joseph Bernard and Mr George Fitzgerald, as witnesses and having applied to Dorothy, the widow, for a statement of property left in her hands by her late husband when he left the country, she gave in the following accounts: One tract of land situated on the Bluffabout two legues northeast of Fort Panmure containing 800 acres with house and improvements, on which she and her family now dwell (the above tract mortaged to James Carrick, merchant in N.C.); One tract of land on the Homochitto, 500 acres on which there is a ferry, authorized by the goverment, one tract on Bayou Pierre, 400 acres on which there is likewise a ferry; three tracts situated at the Big Black, one on which there is a ferry, 250 acres; another 250 acres; and another 200 acres, four negroes, horses, cattle, and hogs and the following notes, number as in the margin: Mordecai Richards, Wm Robinson, Soloman Witley, William Atchinson, Abraham Mayes, William Kelsey, Edmond Quirk, Samuel Head, William Owens, Samuel Murphy, Stephen Minor, Stephen Minor's order on Nathaniel Thomlinson, other papers etc., tools, household furniture, kitchen furniture and milk house utensils.  Further Mr Burrel Stroud said that when Wm Henderson died in Kentucky, he had in his possesion several obligations and other effects, and that they remained in the hands of Capt. James Morrison, who is expected down very shortly.  Above inventory certified by Peter Walker, John O'Connor, Joseph Bernard and George Fitgerald 22 Apr 1793// obligations in hands of John O'Connor, where they were lodged by the late Moses Armstrong, Wm. Bassett, Christy Bolling, Samuel Heady, William Burnet, Daniel Burnet, Gibson Clark, George Cochran, Jacob Coburn, Louis Chardoneau, Wm Cheney, Thomas Evans, John Farquhar, John Ferguson, Benjamin Grubb, John Burnet, John Booth, George Bailey, Thomas Beans, Charles Carter, Waterman Crane, Silas Chambers, Wm. Curtis, John Chambers, Isaac Fyffe, John Ford, Robert Miller, Samuel Gibson, James Glasscock, Ezeckial Hoskinson, Margaret Harmon, Tho. Hubbard, Joseph Dove, Thomas Jordan, Joseph King, Justice King, Wm Kelsey, Thos Kelsey, James Lobdel, James Layton, Richard Miller, John Montgomery, Ralph Humphries, Nathaniel Duty, Rosewell Mygatt, Thomas Nash,  
William Lee vs Daniel Harrigal, Sandy Creek District, William Cooper, JP. where before me appeared , Mrs. Susannah Lee who made oath that Daniel Harrigill told her that he helped THomas Nash kill two hogs the prorety of Alexander Farrar and one Moore, and that he helped Silas McBee catch a horse, the property sd David Willams, deceased, and the said horse ran about the pond where David Odam now lives, and that he piloted the said McBee out of the settlement and to the other side of William Caliut's with the said horse and negro man that satyed at the said Hargill's and that the said negro had hired himself from his master to trade for himself and the said negor had come from below and the said Williams had wrote 2 free pass for the negro. Susannah S Lee 21 Jul 1794  There is further testimonies, however they do not pertain to THomas Nash.
p209 Claim No 370 6 Feb 1804 William Curtis to Thomas Nash, for $100 my claim in Jefferson County now in actual possesion of Thomas Nash, adj lands of John Hamberlin, Robert Duncan and the donation right of Hugh Slater all my right of donation in sd tract signed William Curtis wit John Hamberlin, Wm McDuggle. Ack. before David Phelps, J.P. of Jefferson Co// p210 7 Feb 1804 Thos Nash, for $600 paid to Joseph Bullen, land as above, settled the last od Dec 1797 by Wm Curtis.  Thos Nash Wit Armstong Ellis, Wm Fugeson, Ack before Thos Rodney, Justice of the Superior Court 13 Feb 1804// File wit: Abraham Maye and John Griffin 10 Mar 1806.  Certificate B-88 issued 3 Feb 1807. Bullen claims a donation of 640 acres as above.
Betsy Nash
Natchez Court Records 1781-1805 
No. 709 Claimant, Joseph Bullen, 19 Mrh 1804 Wit: Abraham Mayes, Certificate D-294 issued 29 Dec 1806.  Joseph Bullen claims preemption right to 640 acres on the waters of Cole's Creek, sold to me by Betsy Nash 6 Feb 1804.  This tract the said Betsey did actually inhabit and cultivate on 3 Mar 1803 and was then the head of a family and more than 21 years of age.  By plat Hugh Slayter and sd Joseph Bullen adj lands // Betsey Nash for $30 pid me, to Joseph Bullen, now living in Jefferson Co., all my right to the preemption right to the improvements, on the land on which he now lives in sd county, about 2 miles southeast of the courthouse, suppose to contain 600 acres.  Feb , 1804 Wit; John Hamberlin, William McDuggle. Betsy Ash 1810 Opelousas Parish Cenus with many other related family members.

Wibble Nash
1810 Claimed Baton Rouge W of Pearle River

Cyrus assignee Elizabeth Nash
1806 claimed 240acres St Helena (cultivated 1810-1820)

Ira and Elizabeth Nash
1804  claimed 1600 acres 131 niles north of mouth of Missouri (granted)

Webb Nash
1810 (Feb) claimed or purchased W. of Pearle River

Joseph Nash
1781 claimed as fifer and private 6th  Maryland Regt unknown location (granted)


William Ash
1815 claimed 640 acres Natchitoches in what was once Nuetral Territory and lieing on the east bank of Sabine River about two miles below the Coushatta Village.  Vincent Jackson and Morris Mc Laughlin gave testimony of inhabitants and cultivation of potatos, peach trees etc. Claim was denied for non continuation of inhabitants??

John Ash
claimed 400 acres Kaskaskias in virtue of improvements, grant denied for purjery?

I have more info on all the relatives int his area Kaskaskia and this area was in the Nuetral Zone
Thomas Ash
No 1061 Claimant: Robert Childress, 24 March 1804 Rejected May 12, 1807
Robt Childress, a citizen of the Mississippi Terrirory, Adams Co., legal rep of Thomas Ash claims 160 acres in sd county on the waters of Sandy Creek, by virtue of the said tract having been inhabited and cultivated by said Thos. Ash in the month of Oct 1794, who was then the head of a family and continues in possesion until he conveyed the premises to Willford Hogatt, who sold the same to this claimant, under sect of the Act of Congress Regulating the Grants of Land.

More on the Nash family and related

Natchez records

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